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Hinman Custom Performance Team

Jessica Routier

2020-2021 Sponsored Rider

Buffalo, South Dakota

Jessica Routier 1.jpg
Jessica Routier 2.jpg

Jessica grew up training horses with her mother, Shelly Mueller, who trained cutting, barrel racing, and rope horses. She has won numerous titles, from high school rodeo to pro rodeo, and mostly focuses on barrel racing these days. Her greatest accomplishments have been winning the College National Finals Rodeo barrel racing in 2003, Badlands Circuit barrel racing champion in 2010, 2017 and 2019, and 2 NFR qualifications, which also led to Reserve World Champion in 2018.


She and her husband Riley raise cattle, horses, and kids on their ranch in Buffalo, SD. They have five children- Braden (14), Payton (12), Rayna (4), Rose (4) and Charlie (3). The youngest three travel with Jessica to rodeos all over the country, while the older two have to stay home most of the time, for school, sports, and their own rodeo activities. Jessica plans her rodeo schedule around their activities as much as she can. 


While the goal every year for most professional barrels racers is the National Finals Rodeo, Jessica likes to take things one rodeo and one smooth run at a time. While the NFR is always a dream come true, the ultimate goal at the end of the year is healthy, sound horses, and a healthy, happy family.



Fiery Miss West (Missy) – 2011 palomino mare owned by Westergren Quarter Horses. Firewater Frenchman x Frenchmans Bodashus. Missy is just an amazing athlete. Her 5-year-old year, she ran at seven futurities and won $25,000. Her 6-year-old year, she won the Badlands Circuit, and in her 7- and 8-year old years, she was Jessica’s one and only horse that she rodeoed to qualify for the NFR. She has won the title of Badlands Circuit Horse of the Year the past three years in a row.


Hot Corona Smoothie (Margie)- 2013 brown mare. High on Corona x Especials Smoothie. Margie is a daughter of Especials Smoothie, the horse that won Jessica her College National Finals championship as well as many other titles. Margie has been a bit of a late bloomer but is starting to really excel in barrel racing. She is Missy’s favorite traveling buddy, and Jessica’s backup at the rodeos.


Firewater Starlight (Star) – 2015 buckskin mare owned by Westergren Quarter Horses. Firewater Frenchman x Oats N Whiskey. Star will hopefully run at a few futurities this year if they can be worked in around rodeos.


High on Smoothies (Nicki) – 2015 sorrel mare. High on Corona x Especials Smoothie. Nicki will also hopefully run at a few futurities this year, as the rodeo schedule will allow.

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Brittany Fellows

2020-2021 Sponsored Rider

Stephenville, Texas


I am a mom of a wild 2-year-old boy. I strive to be a better mom, person, and a better horsewoman daily; I do my best every day to be someone others can look up to. My key focus in the horse industry is barrel horses. I have three horses I am currently running; Le Jane (aka Beni), Texas Ta Fame (aka Tex), and MOS Dark Angel (aka Katie). I also have several upcoming youngsters. 

2019 Accomplishments

  • 2nd - Valley City, ND Pro Rodeo

  • 9th - Fargo, ND Pro Rodeo

  • Qualified for WCRA Semi-Finals - Guthrie, Oklahoma

  • 12th - Killdeer, ND Pro Rodeo

  • 6th - Steele, ND Pro Rodeo

  • 10th - Deadwood, SD

  • 6th - Plentywood, MT

  • 2nd - Fort Totten, ND

2018 Accomplishments

  • 4th - Goliad, TX Pro Rodeo

  • 10th - Steamboat Springs, CO Pro Rodeo

  • 4th - Steamboat Spring, CO Pro Rodeo

  • 2nd - Thermopolis, WY Pro Rodeo

  • 3rd - Steamboat Spring, CO Pro Rodeo

  • 2nd - Gunnison, CO Pro Rodeo

  • 3rd - Riverton, WY Pro Rodeo

Most Memorable Achievements

  • Winning my first Pro Rodeo check in 2012 at Canton, TX

  • Filling my Permit in 2012 on my horse who is now retired: Frenchmans High

  • Winning my first check on my young horse, Texas Ta Fame, at Deadwood, SD 2019 Pro Rodeo

  • Qualifying for the National High School Finals Rodeo

  • Making the short round at Shawnee for the IFYR

  • Placing 4th out of 700+ horses at the Las Vegas Super Show in 2014


  • Win my first pro rodeo

  • Keep my horses happy & healthy on the road & at home

  • Make the Texas Circuit Finals in 2020

  • Be in the Top 50 of WPRA to be able to get into the big winter rodeos in 2021

  • Get my young horse, "Mona," ready for the 2021 futurities & get my coming 2-year-olds broke & on track for their future barrel careers

  • Become a better horsewoman & mother day-by-day

  • Long Term Goal - Make the NFR

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Beth Wilson

2020-2021 Sponsored Rider

Mora, Minnesota

Beth Wilson.jpeg

"My name is Beth Wilson. I am older than many but still young enough to keep chasing my dreams. I live with my husband Dave on 40 acres in Mora, MN, where we have six horses, four dogs, and four cats. I have been horse crazy since I was a little girl but was not able to have my own horse until I was 14/15 years old. I have loved speed events ever since. Dressage is my other passion, but I’m not an English rider. Currently, I compete in PEWC, MPBA, UBRA, and NBHA events. I am a member of the previously listed organizations as well as a long time point keeper for MBRA and a WSCA member since I first started with horses. I am a hard worker, loyal, and honest in everything I do. To many, I may seem antisocial, but I am just very shy around people I don’t know. Horses (and dogs) are my passion, and I am constantly striving to learn new and better ways for both myself and my “kids.”


Why did I apply for this sponsorship?  


I believe that to truly be able to chase your dreams and fulfill your goals, it is important to surround yourself with those who will support and help you. Always finding the good in any situation and always trying to pass on the positivity in a negative world. Life has thrown my husband I some pretty serious curves that have been hard to overcome, but here we are still trying and still working towards our goals.


I have been riding Zoey (I Likta Dirty Dance), a 12-year-old red dun AQHA mare for 3+ years now. Originally just ‘borrowed’ to me until I could rehab my own mare Kitty, she has become a permanent lease. Over those three years, we have become quite a team both in and out of the arena. Besides barrels and poles, we also do as much trail riding as we can find time for.  


Some of our accomplishments include:


  • MPBA 3D Open Reserve 

    • 3D MN Champion

  • PEWC 4D National Open Champion

    • 4D MN Open Champion

  • MBRA Open Top 10

  • NBHA MN06 4D Reserve

  • WSCA/NMA Circuit SR+ Games Top 6

  • PEWC Finals 4D Average Winner



  • MBRA Rodeo Top 10

  • MPBA Open 3D Champion

    • MN 3D Champion

  • PEWC 3D Open Reserve Champion

    • 3D MN Reserve Champion


My goals for 2020 are:

  • Maintain consistency in both pole bending and barrels. Move from solid 3D times to the top of the 3D (IE I’d like to shave .2-.3 seconds off our average times in certain arenas). Achieve consistent, clean 23-second pole bending runs.

  • Continue our journey as a solid team both inside and out of the arena.  

  • Be able to use my horses' “talents” to help encourage and support fellow riders.


For myself:

  • Work on becoming more confident and outgoing, better able vocally support my fellow riders and friends.

  • Continue always to strive to be the best role model I can in all aspects of life.  

  • Attend as many clinics as I can afford to help improve my confidence and horsemanship.


Products I Use:

I currently love and use Redmond products on all of my horses; even the goat has his own rock! I love the Daily Gold paste for hauling. I recently started using Draw It Out after Zoey blew a bad abscess last fall.

I have owned and love the Ice-Vibe boots. I wore out my last pair and have a new pair. I have the Sportz-Vibe blanket on my ‘wish’ list as well as Rambo Ionic products. 

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Natalee Bray

2020-2021 Sponsored Rider

Scandia, Kansas

Natalee Bray 1.jpg
Natalee Bray 2.jpg


"Hello! My name is Natalee Bray, and I am super excited to join the Hinman Custom Performance Team.


I have had a love for horses since a very young age. My love grew as I got older, and finally, at the age of 12, I was able to start riding my grandpa's beloved “Sandy.” Since then, I have been active in our local Saddle Club. I am currently serving as the NCK Saddle Club Rodeo Queen. My Quarter Horse Squirrel is my sidekick to all of the parades and rodeos that I attend while representing North Central Kansas. I love being an ambassador for the sport of rodeo and a role model for young girls who dream of becoming a Rodeo Queen.


As a high school freshman, I am involved in Volleyball, Basketball, High School Rodeo, FFA & Kays. 4-H has been a big part of my life since the age of six, teaching me that hard work and dedication pays off. With anything, you must practice, practice, practice.


I purchased Squirrel almost two years ago with money that I had saved. Since then, she and I have competed in multiple NBHA races, High School Rodeo Barrel races, and a couple of goat tying events, which is my favorite so far. Over the past year, Squirrel and I have won several awards together, including a Horsemanship Competition, Champion Barrel Racer, and Grand Champion Mare at our County Fair. We have also placed in the top three at several local barrel races. My goal for this next year is to go bigger and attend more events, including the Kansas State High School Rodeo in Barrels and Goat Tying. To obtain this goal, it requires keeping Squirrel in tip-top shape and taking extra time to ride, train, and provide her with the best supplements, so when races start up this spring, we are ready.


My favorite product from Hinman Custom Performance is the Amigo Hero blanket because Mother Nature is a little crazy here in Kansas. The blanket allows me to keep my horse Squirrel warm and dry, so she is ready to ride when I have some free time. I’m excited to use some of the HCP products to keep “Squirrel” performing her best!!! I can’t wait to start sharing my experience with you!"

Discount Code (15% off): HCPNB

Allene Nelson

2020-2021 Sponsored Rider

Grassy Butte, North Dakota


"Let me introduce myself. I am Allene Nelson from Grassy Butte, ND. I am a wife, mother, rancher, and barrel racer. My family owns and operates a ranch west of Grassy Butte on the Little Missouri River.


I came from a rodeo family and started riding horses young. I came up through the ranks of kids rodeos, high school, college, amateur, and then pro rodeos. For the past 25 years, I have competed on the horses I have trained.


Some of my accomplishments include qualifying for the Badlands Circuit finals and winning their rookie of the year. I also trained an NFR/CNFR horse. I have qualified for the NDRA and NPRA finals numerous times.


Currently, I ride a horse by the name of Rolex, aka Cowboys are King. This past year we ended up 15th in the standings at the end of the Badlands Circuit season with limited rodeo entry. I also have an up and coming horse by the name of Guys French Corona, barn named Axle, that I am excited to start competing on.


I so appreciate Hinman Custom Performance adding me to their team of sponsored riders. I use products they carry with great success, such as Draw It Out, various Horseware, and Redmond products. I am excited about the upcoming rodeo season and having Hinman Custom Performance supporting me along the way."

Discount Code (15% off): HCPAN

Brandi Moore

2020-2021 Sponsored Rider

Tekamah, Nebraska

Brandi Moore 1.jpg

I grew up in Soldotna, Alaska, where I had dreams of barrel racing and rodeoing! Knowing I wasn’t going to get far in Alaska, I made the BIG move to Nebraska in 2007. From then on, I met so many people that helped mold me into the horsewoman and person I am today. I am so thankful for the trials and tribulations that I have gone through to get where I am today. 


My dreams started to take off in 2018 when I purchased a little red roan gelding that I call Red Rock. At first glance, I didn’t like him at all and figured that I could sell him for good money down the road. But, little did I know, he was the best thing to ever happen to me. We entered our first rodeo in June of 2018 and kept going from there! We slid into the 2nd to the last hole in the Interstates Rodeo Association (IRA)! I was tickled pink! Red Rock turned it on at finals, and we left winning it and placing 2nd in the year-end average. In 2019, Red Rock and I came back and won the IRA year-end along with winning Barrel Horse of the Year in 2018 and 2019.


When I’m not traveling to rodeos or jackpots, I start my own colts with the help of my oldest son, Blake, and raise a bunch of wild, crazy kids, whom I wouldn’t trade for the world. I also work full-time as a manager at Scooter's Coffee Shop. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my husband, Jesse, and my kids, Blake (who also rides bareback horses), Connor, Ryann, Brody, and Tuff Lane. 


I also have to give a big shout out to my two team members: Cash Red Rock, a 2009 red roan gelding from the TLF Ranch and Rocking Effortlessly, a 2012 bay roan mare from the TLF Ranch. 

Discount Code (15% off): HCPBM

Brandi Moore 3.jpg
Brandi Moore 2.jpg

Kaity Bertsch

2020-2021 Sponsored Rider

Miller, South Dakota



"My name is Kaity Bertsch. I am 23 years old and live in Miller, SD. I have been riding horses since I could walk. In my free time, that’s where you will find me! I work for the Center for Independence in Miller as well as help my husband on the ranch when needed. 


I enjoy starting and training my horses as I love learning more every day. I am open to helping anyone that needs it in any way that I can. That is why I love HCP so much. Deidra would go out of her way to help anyone in need, and that is what this industry needs more of. 


HCP keeps my horses feeling awesome whether it be protecting them from bugs and flies or providing them with the best therapy products. Happy shopping!"



Discount Code (15% off): HCPKB

Samantha Viereck

2020-2021 Sponsored Rider

Jamestown, Kansas

Samantha 1.jpg
Samantha 2.jpg

"Hi, there! My name is Samantha Viereck, and I am very proud to be part of Hinman Custom Performance’s team!


I hail from Concordia, Kansas where my husband, Clint, and I own and operate Go For Broke Barrel and Rope Horses. I have been training barrel horses for twenty-something years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Horses coming from my program have gone on to win on all levels from high school to professional in multiple organizations.


My greatest accomplishments have included setting arena records and an earnings record as well as watch one of my favorite horses I trained won the Texas High School Rodeo Association’s championship in the barrel racing. This year I am choosing to focus on Futurity horses.


My favorite products that I use daily come from HCP. They include Rambo Ionic products. I feel that not only do they help my horses perform but they also help my horses be the best they can and make my job easier because they are ready to go to work. I am very thankful to be able to use such great products!"

Discount Code (15% off): HCPSV

Jena O’Connor

2020-2021 Sponsored Rider

Alexandria, South Dakota

Jena 2.jpg
Jena 1.jpg
Ri (Dashers Riata Tivio)

"My name is Jena O’Connor. While I’ve ridden horses my entire life, it wasn’t until after college that I got more involved with barrel racing and doing some training on the side. My true barrel racing “career” started when I bought my current mare, Dashers Riata Tivio, as a yearling and impatiently waited for her to grow up! We began competing together when she turned 5. She’s eight now, and we are really hitting our stride now.


Our biggest accomplishment to date has to be winning the 2D Open at Blazin Barrels Finals this last fall (and 5th in the 2D Average for the year in that same series). We won our first saddle! That run seriously brought me to tears afterward! I was so proud of what we had accomplished! Our other big accomplishment for the season was placing in the 1D for the first time.

I know this new season will be a great one! Our 2018 season ended with an injury, but we will be back at it as soon as the weather allows. You can catch us running the bigger races across South Dakota or even at some of the local weeknight jackpots. We love having people cheer us on!


Last winter, I was given the opportunity to become a sponsored rider for Hinman Custom Performance. This sponsorship has brought me so many things—and I’m not just talking about the chance to try some seriously awesome products that I hadn’t used before! I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the owner of HCP and developed a great friendship with her as well. I’ve learned more this year about things as basic as how to use my Draw it Out (you NEED some if you don’t have it!!) for a sweat to bring swelling down after Ri’s injury, to the amazing effects the Rambo Ionic gear has on my mare (Goodbye stocked up legs while stalling!). I am also sincerely grateful for Ri’s Rambo Duo turnout blanket because her pasture mates are brats and don’t let her in the barn... I still know she’s warm and dry! The next Horseware item I’m targeting is a Sportsvibe. Ri got to try one out last summer and loved it!"

Discount Code (15% off): HCPJO

Jordan Adams

2020-2021 Sponsored Rider

Lamar, Missouri

Jordan 1_edited.jpg
Jordan 2_edited.jpg
Lucy (Chester's Lucy)

"My name is Jordan Adams, and I’m 26 years old from Lamar, MO. I came from a rodeo family, but I didn’t start competing until I was 15. I started out running barrels, poles, goat tying, breakaway roping, heading and heeling. Since my junior rodeo career was over, I now compete in mainly open barrel races.


In my career, I have won 50 buckles and eight saddles and some other tack. My main mount currently is “Chester’s Lucy” a 2009 mare I have had since 2014. It has been a blast with some heartache of battling EPM and a broken hock seeing her move from not even placing in the 5D to winning barrel races! My most significant accomplishments to date have been winning a Double J Saddle in the 2D, winning some races, and placing 4th against 450 racers.


I really enjoy competing in the super shows in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. Though, I compete at many jackpots, too!


I am so grateful for my sponsorship opportunity with Hinman Custom Performance. I absolutely love what Redmond has done for my horses! I’m really huge into supplements for my competition horses because they give so much of themselves for me and I feel like we need to give them something back and keep them at 100%. I’m so glad that it’s part of my feed program. The palomino I run gets pretty sore in the hind end, and the Rambo Ionic sheet and boots have been our saving grace. She always feels ready to do her job after having them on for as little as 45 minutes! I recently injured my hand, so I’ve been able to personally use the Draw It Out to keep out the stiffness and swelling, and it feels AMAZING! Even if your not a horse person, this is a must have!! I really think all these staple products need to be in every horse home! Thank you Hinman Custom Performance for carrying such amazing products!"



Discount Code (15% off): HCPJA

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