2019-2020 HCP Team Members

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

We're happy to introduce the members of the 2019-2020 HCP Team! We've got some new faces & some faces you might recognize from last year!


Lexy Nuesch

Johnstown, NE

Gypsy (Heico Gypsy)

Festus (BW Burn Notice), Badger (RWS Blackjack Oak), Mayzi & WayLynn, Venus (Jacks Chiquita Lynx), Spurs (Gold Tone Dandy)

"Howdy! I am very excited to be a part of the Hinman Custom Performance team for 2019 & 2020!

I graduated from South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD in December 2016. I majored in Ag Science with minors in Equine Studies, Animal Science, Agronomy, and Range Science. I grew up on a farm in Northeast Nebraska (Pierce). My family raises crops (corn & soybeans) and cow/calf pairs. I now reside on my family's ranch southwest of Johnstown, NE where I manage our small herd of cattle while working with horses full-time through Lexy Nuesch Horse Training & creating custom mohair tack pieces through LN Custom Cinches, Mecates, & More, during the winter.

However, working with horses is my true PASSION.

I have grown up with horses all my life. I had ponies growing up and slowly moved to bigger, faster horses. From local playdays and horse shows to 4-H and Little Britches Rodeo, I have participated in many different events such as showmanship, western pleasure, reining, barrel, & poles – though my favorites were the speed events. I also competed in breakaway roping and goat tying when I had the chance.

I absolutely would not be the person I am today without horses, and I aim to keep them a significant part of my life.

"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."

From a very young age, I had the dream to work with horses as a future career. While in high school, I had somewhat strayed from this idea because I began to realize that it may not be entirely lucrative and successful in my area. Following my equine internship with Bogie Webb of Webb Ranches the summer before my sophomore year of college, I realized the value of doing something that one loves for the rest of one's life. I intend to fulfill the above quote in my own life. Doing what one loves in life causes the results to be even better for those they do it for. I hope to give good quality horses to customers that they will enjoy for a long time.

At Lexy Nuesch Horse Training, I specialize in starting young horses under saddle while giving them a foundation that will allow them to continue in any direction & discipline. There's just something about a young horse with a clean slate & an infinite amount of potential to be tapped into. While I prefer to start young horses, I do take in horses to be re-started, re-educated, or sold on consignment, also. In the future, I'm looking forward to getting back into the sport I loved so much in high school: barrel racing.

At LNHT, I take nutrition & the health & well-being of client horses very seriously. My feed program includes:

Redmond Equine’s Daily Gold Quick Relief, a paste that supports the digestive system with the added stressors of being in a new location & beginning a new training regimen while jumpstarting the effects of Redmond Equine’s Daily Gold Stress Relief powder.

Redmond Equine’s Daily Gold Stress Relief powder, a supplement that serves to balance the digestive system pH, fortifies the animal with 68 minerals, draws out molds & allergens in feed, soothes ulcers helping them to heal, & improves feed digestion efficiency.

Redmond Equine’s Rein Water to encourage better hydration & electrolyte balance.

At the conclusion of training, horses are sent home with a 10-day supply of the grain & supplements fed during training. That's how much I love the products that I use!

I'm also looking forward to adding Rambo Ionic, Ice-Vibe, & Draw It Out products to my list of care for horses in 2019!

I appreciate the opportunity that Deidra at Hinman Custom Performance has extended to me through this sponsorship! In the past, she's sent a lot of business my way in the form of training horses, client referrals, & a website to work on. I hope to be able to do the same for her & her business!"

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Kaity Bertsch

Miller, South Dakota

"My name is Kaity Bertsch. I am 23 years old and live in Miller, SD. I have been riding horses since I could walk. In my free time, that’s where you will find me! I work for the Center for Independence in Miller as well as help my husband on the ranch when needed.

I enjoy starting and training my horses as I love learning more every day. I am open to helping anyone that needs it in any way that I can. That is why I love HCP so much. Deidra would go out of her way to help anyone in need, and that is what this industry needs more of.

HCP keeps my horses feeling awesome whether it be protecting them from bugs and flies or providing them with the best therapy products. Happy shopping!"

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Ashley Lee

Miles City, Montana

Shooter (Bandito Draw)

Goose (RLJ Fromczechstafame)

"Hi everyone, my name is Ashley Lee, and I reside in Miles City, Montana. I'm late to the rodeo game compared to a lot of people and only started riding horses as a Senior in high school. I was lucky enough to have supportive parents and was able to rodeo one semester in school, and that's all it took to catch the rodeo bug. I hit the ground running. Throughout my short rodeo career, I have been blessed with one great horse, Bandito Draw, who I was lucky enough to purchase in late 2011 and took my love of competition to the next level.

Some of my accomplishments have been:

• 2011 EMHSC Speed Event Champion • 2012 EMHSC Champion • 2012 Badlands Series 1D Champion • 2012 Badlands Series Pole Bending Champion • 2012 PRBR 1D Champion • 2012 PRBR Pole Champion • 2013 EMHSC Champion • 2014 OBRA Reserve 1D Year-End Champion • 2015 Monica Swiontek Memorial 1D Champion • 2015 OBRA Year-End 1D Saddle Winner • 2016 OBRA Reserve 1D Year-End Champion • 2016 Sept Arena 1D Champion

An unfortunate injury to my gelding set us out for 2017 and we came back mid-2018 to end up 2018 OBRA 2D Reserve Champion and brought Goose into the family making us 2018 OBRA 3D reserve champions.

With high hopes for my new guy, I have taken the huge leap and purchased our 2019 WPRA Rookie Permit. What I'd love to accomplish in the next rodeo season is run and place in a Pro Rodeo, become a better partner and win a buckle with Goose, and to happily retire Shooter.

Thanks to Hinman Custom Performance, my 2018 and now 2019 sponsor, for putting my mind at ease through all my hauling, therapy, and stress of being on the road. With our Daily Gold, my horses stay digestively sound. I never have to worry about them not drinking with the Horse Hydrator. Of all the Horseware products we have access to, my favorite is the Rambo Ionic gear. Both of my boys are covered head to hoof in their therapy products, and I never have to worry about overheating. The boys also enjoy their Redmond minerals and the Redmond Rein Water supplements. These are just a few of the things we love for our travels and home life, but it doesn't even scratch the surface of what HCP offers.

Always check out the website for great deals on Draw it Out, RockTape, Rambo products, Amigo blankets, and fly sheets, and new products every day!"

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Samantha Viereck

Concordia, Kansas

"Hi, there! My name is Samantha Viereck, and I am very proud to be part of Hinman Custom Performance’s team!

I hail from Concordia, Kansas where my husband, Clint, and I own and operate Go For Broke Barrel and Rope Horses. I have been training barrel horses for twenty-something years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Horses coming from my program have gone on to win on all levels from high school to professional in multiple organizations.

My greatest accomplishments have included setting arena records and an earnings record as well as watch one of my favorite horses I trained won the Texas High School Rodeo Association’s championship in the barrel racing. This year I am choosing to focus on Futurity horses.

My favorite products that I use daily come from HCP. They include Rambo Ionic products. I feel that not only do they help my horses perform but they also help my horses be the best they can and make my job easier because they are ready to go to work. I am very thankful to be able to use such great products!"

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Jena O'Connor

Alexandria, South Dakota

Ri (Dashers Riata Tivio)

Ri (Dashers Riata Tivio)

"My name is Jena O’Connor. While I’ve ridden horses my entire life, it wasn’t until after college that I got more involved with barrel racing and doing some training on the side. My true barrel racing “career” started when I bought my current mare, Dashers Riata Tivio, as a yearling and impatiently waited for her to grow up! We began competing together when she turned 5. She’s eight now, and we are really hitting our stride now.

Our biggest accomplishment to date has to be winning the 2D Open at Blazin Barrels Finals this last fall (and 5th in the 2D Average for the year in that same series). We won our first saddle! That run seriously brought me to tears afterward! I was so proud of what we had accomplished! Our other big accomplishment for the season was placing in the 1D for the first time.

I know this new season will be a great one! Our 2018 season ended with an injury, but we will be back at it as soon as the weather allows. You can catch us running the bigger races across South Dakota or even at some of the local weeknight jackpots. We love having people cheer us on!

Last winter (Winter 2017), I was given the opportunity to become a sponsored rider for Hinman Custom Performance. This sponsorship has brought me so many things—and I’m not just talking about the chance to try some seriously awesome products that I hadn’t used before! I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the owner of HCP and developed a great friendship with her as well. I’ve learned more this year about things as basic as how to use my Draw it Out (you NEED some if you don’t have it!!) for a sweat to bring swelling down after Ri’s injury, to the amazing effects the Rambo Ionic gear has on my mare (Goodbye stocked up legs while stalling!). I am also sincerely grateful for Ri’s Rambo Duo turnout blanket because her pasture mates are brats and don’t let her in the barn... I still know she’s warm and dry! The next Horseware item I’m targeting is a Sportz-Vibe. Ri got to try one out last summer and loved it!"

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Jordan Adams

Lamar, Missouri

Lucy (Chester's Lucy)

Lucy (Chester's Lucy)

"My name is Jordan Adams, and I’m 26 years old from Lamar, MO. I came from a rodeo family, but I didn’t start competing until I was 15. I started out running barrels, poles, goat tying, breakaway roping, heading and heeling. Since my junior rodeo career was over, I now compete in mainly open barrel races.

In my career, I have won 50 buckles and eight saddles and some other tack. My main mount currently is “Chester’s Lucy” a 2009 mare I have had since 2014. It has been a blast with some heartache of battling EPM and a broken hock seeing her move from not even placing in the 5D to winning barrel races! My most significant accomplishments to date have been winning a Double J Saddle in the 2D, winning some races, and placing 4th against 450 racers.

I really enjoy competing in the super shows in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. Though, I compete at many jackpots, too!

I am so grateful for my sponsorship opportunity with Hinman Custom Performance. I absolutely love what Redmond has done for my horses! I’m really huge into supplements for my competition horses because they give so much of themselves for me and I feel like we need to give them something back and keep them at 100%. I’m so glad that it’s part of my feed program. The palomino I run gets pretty sore in the hind end, and the Rambo Ionic sheet and boots have been our saving grace. She always feels ready to do her job after having them on for as little as 45 minutes! I recently injured my hand, so I’ve been able to personally use the Draw It Out to keep out the stiffness and swelling, and it feels AMAZING! Even if your not a horse person, this is a must have!! I really think all these staple products need to be in every horse home! Thank you Hinman Custom Performance for carrying such amazing products!"

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