Abscess Nightmare by Kaity Bertsch

A regular week getting ready for a big barrel race changed in a hurry when we came home from the farrier. It was a routine trip to reset shoes that ended in a lame horse with a race in 4 days. When we got home, I unloaded Hustler like usual and noticed he was a little off as he stepped out of the trailer. Sure enough, he was quite lame.

I immediately contacted my farrier; we decided to remove the shoe. Pulling a new shoe was no easy task for me, but, in the end, I got it off. That night, I soaked Hustler's foot in Epsom salts and put an Easy Boot Cloud on.

We went back to the farrier the next day. We found that where the nail had gone in, it had just barely poked an abscess that had been there. Thanks to a fantastic farrier, we got it broken open and dug out a little bit. When we got home that night, Hustler was better but not anywhere near 100%. We soaked his foot again in Epsom salts and packed it with some iodine and cotton.

We soaked it again the next morning & evening. Slowly progressing but still not 100%, we decided to try and pack it with Draw It Out Gel. The following morning when I took the cotton out to soak the foot again, the abscess had drained a TON! Hustler was walking much better and was close to 100%! We repeated this process that night and headed to our race the next morning.

Thanks to Draw it Out, Hustler was able to place 9th in the 1D out of 283 runners. We were beyond thankful to Hinman Custom Performace for making sure we were stocked with such a great product and keeping us in tip-top shape!

- Kaity Bertsch & French Hustler


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