Team HCP Jena O'Connor's Review on the Sports-Vibe ZX

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Have you ever had a massage? I have! And it feels wonderful! While I may not be able to get them regularly, I do know how much better I feel after I’ve had one. The same goes for our horses.

Riata has really benefited from using a Sportz-Vibe ZX by Horseware this season. I put it on her about an hour to two before we have to run. This helps warm up and relax her muscles in areas that are prone to be more sore or tender. The nice thing is that the massage panels in the Sportz-Vibe are moveable. There are more than a dozen different places to put the massaging panels in the sheet to customize it to where your horse needs it most on any given day. The other great thing is that the Sportz-Vibe ZX is wireless and rechargeable! While it might startle your horse the first time you use it when the panels start vibrating, most horses quickly realize how good it feels and calmly stand there, letting the Sportz-Vibe do its thing. It runs for 20 minutes and has three different settings for intensity: gentle, more intense, and a combination of mild and more intense modes. It’s essential to start on the gentle setting the first couple times to get your horse and their muscles used to it, then you can choose which setting is best going forward. When you purchase a Sportz-Vibe ZX, it includes four panels, the remote, and a charger. Additional panels are available to purchase separately. It’s not recommended to run more than six panels on your horse at one time, or you run the risk of overstimulating their system. However, you can run it on your horse multiple times a day if they are particularly sore or recovering from something. While it’s not proven and only my opinion, I feel it also helps cut down on the number of chiropractor visits for my mare when used regularly, too. I can even say that Riata runs better when I use the Sportz-Vibe ZX on her as part of our pre- and post-race routine; she can get downright crabby with me when I forget!

Some may view it as spoiling their horse, but I consider using this therapy product on my horse as a means of keeping her performing at her absolute best and striving to prevent injuries.

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