Legging Lucy Up with Ice-Vibe Boots by Jordan Adams

November was a tough month. I wasn’t able to ride my main mount, Lucy, due to an EPM relapse. My vet recommended I not ride her until treatment was complete. After that, I was to leg her up and see how she performed. I’m in the process of legging her back up, so fingers crossed!

Even though this leg of the journey is a bit boring, it's important that she comes back to perform in tip-top shape. I’m praying the weather holds out to make it a bit easier for both of us. Another essential part of doing this is to keep lactic acid from building up. I’ve always been a stickler when it comes to that because I don’t want my horses feeling sore. If they are sore, they can’t perform at their best.

Yes, there are a few different ways this can be done. However, I’m all for easy, and the easiest thing I’ve found is to throw on Ice-Vibes Boots and let them do their magic. They are so cool, and the massaging pulse is soothing and breaks up that lactic acid. I have learned to read my horse's body language over the years and can definitely tell she likes this by her licking and chewing before I even turn them on! I can leave her to go do my other chores without worrying about wires or plugs coming undone, which has been a pain in the past with other products. I also don’t have to mess with a water hose and get completely soaked because let’s face it.....it happens to all of us. Using the Ice-Vibe Boots is a total win-win in my book. I sure am looking forward to the end of December when I get to run a set of barrels again!


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