My Favorite Products: Ice-Vibe Boots by Lexy Nuesch

“A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care.”

Here's a look at another product from Hinman Custom Performance that I've incorporated into my program this year.

The Ice-Vibe Tendon Boots are portable three-setting massage boots that come with hot/cold inserts to create warm/cold circulation that can be used before & after exercise or for a rehab situation.

The Ice-Vibe Boots can be used before a ride without the cold packs to help reduce the risk of injury by increasing blood flow to tendons & ligaments. They can be used after a ride with the cold packs to help with inflammation & to stimulate repair to damaged tissue. They have one massage panel similar to what the Sportz-Vibe uses for the massage effect.

Here's what draws me to the Ice-Vibe Boots versus other ice/cold therapies. A horse's tendons do not return to previous temps as quickly as muscles do when they are cooled. Because the blood supply & metabolism is different, making the legs very cold for long periods can actually cause an inflammatory response. With these boots, the cold packs cool the tissue & slow the blood flow to reduce inflammation while the massage doesn't completely restrict the blood flow allowing oxygen to be directed to tired or damaged tissue allowing a better recovery than just one or the other. It's not recommended to use the cold packs without the massaging effect.

The Ice-Vibe Boots are frequently part of the daily routine here at Lexy Nuesch Horse Training.

Vegas enjoying an Ice-Vibe session

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ice-Vibe Boots?

Ice-Vibe Boots are portable three-setting massage boots with hot/cold packs to create warm or cold circulation treatments that can be used before or after exercise & during rehabilitation.

My horse has no problems. Why do I need Ice-Vibe Boots?

Tendons are much slower to heal than muscles due to their poor blood supply and slow metabolism. Tendon problems are often the result of a buildup of damage. By using Ice-Vibe boots regularly, you can help stimulate blood flow to your horse's legs while they are tied or stalled. The Ice-Vibe Boots encourage the movement of the lymphatic system, which helps drain inflammation, stimulates repair to damaged tissue, reduces scar tissue, and strengthens new tissue as the legs repair.

How do the Ice-Vibe Boots increase blood flow?

The Ice-Vibe boots have small vibratory motors in them set at a low hertz that stimulate blood flow by creating a massaging effect.

How do Ice-Vibe Boots reduce inflammation?

The Ice-Vibe boots have cold packs in them that reduce blood flow, slowing down inflammation while the movement created by the massaging effect, similar to exercise, can help to stimulate the lymph system to move out existing inflammation.

Why use Ice-Vibe Boots for recovery, instead of just ice?

Tendons do not return to previous temperatures as quickly as muscles when cooled as they don t have the same blood supply or metabolism; therefore, making the legs very cold for extended periods may actually cause an inflammatory response. Ice-Vibe Boots are designed to achieve different results compared to using just ice. Ice on its own reduces blood flow and numbs the nerves in an area; however, it runs the risk of making the legs too cold, which can cause the lymph system to slow down and reduce blood flow so severely that further damage can be created and healing can be compromised. The Ice-Vibes are designed to cool tissue via the cold packs and slow down the blood flow to reduce inflammation. When combined with massage, the blood flow is not entirely restricted; this allows oxygen and nutrients to be maintained to tired and damaged tissue, allowing for better recovery and repair. The massaging effect also helps to stimulate the lymph system similar to exercise to help reduce existing inflammation and scar tissue.

When to use Ice-Vibe Boots?

Ice-Vibes are an excellent tool for maintaining leg health on a day to day basis and are invaluable in treating stiffness, strains, bruising, and tendon damage when an injury has occurred. They can be used before exercise without cold packs, after exercise with cold packs, and during rehabilitation, with warmth/cold, or with no packs at all. Daily use of the Ice-Vibe Boots can help manage everyday wear and tear on joints and can achieve rehabilitation more quickly.

Why do the massage panels work intermittently?

The vibrating motors work intermittently so that when you are treating soreness, the damaged tissue does not get overworked and tired.

How do I know blood flow is maintained during the Ice-Vibe treatment?

Using a thermal camera, the Ice-vibe boots have been compared to other cold therapies and found the leg does not, on average, get as cold and returns to its previous temperature faster.

How does vibration & massage help reduce scare tissue & improve healing?

When an area is healing, scar tissue is formed. The movement created by the vibration and massage helps to break down adhesions and scar tissue while increasing blood flow to assist healing.

How does reducing inflammation help my horse heal?

It is crucial not to remove inflammation altogether as the body uses it as a marker to start the repair process. Reducing inflammation will assist circulation.

Can I use my boots more than once a day?

Yes, when using vibration with the cold packs, you can use them 3 or 4 times a day. When using them without the cold packs/vibration only, we recommend using them no more than twice a day.

Can I use the cold packs as warm packs?

Yes! You can put the cold packs in warm water, not the microwave, and apply them with the massage before exercise or on older horses that might have arthritis to assist in reducing stiffness. Do not let the packs get too hot as you could burn your horse.

Can I use the boots without any packs?

Yes! You can put them on before exercise with just the vibration to create a massaging effect to stimulate blood flow. When blood flow increases, tendons and ligaments become more elastic, which can help prevent damage.

When do I use setting three?

Setting three is to be used just with cold packs on bigger boned horses. Setting two is the primary setting before and after exercise.

Do I use the cold packs from the fridge or freezer?

It is essential not to make a horse's legs too cold and compromise their already poor blood flow. During the winter months or if horses are standing for long periods after the treatment, use packs from the fridge. If the weather is warm or the packs travel in a cold bag, store the packs in a freezer.

Is it okay to put the packs on my horse's legs out of the freezer?

If using from the freezer, we advise to keep them in a plastic bag to prevent frost and to leave them out of the freezer for five minutes before use.e

Can I use Ice-Vibe Boots on a splint?

Only when the splint has settled. Otherwise, it may react the same way as a fracture and become inflamed.

How long do I leave the boots on?

There is a 10-minute setting to introduce your horse to the boots. The primary setting is setting 2, which lasts for 20 mins.

Why can't I use the boots on an infection?

Due to the increase in blood supply when applying massage, infection has been seen to increase.

Why can't I use my boots during the first six weeks after a fracture?

A fracture needs to mend during the first six weeks. Movement and massage may irritate it, causing swelling.


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