DIO Cool Core wraps are great for both icing and cooling muscles, ligaments, and tendons after exercise, competition or injury.  To use simply wet the wraps, wring out the excess water and place folded in the freezer or cooler for approximately 30 to 40 minutes. 


These wraps are available in two sizes

Large 4" x 60"

Xtra-Large 4" x 72"


The sizing will depend on your horse's legs.  Most horses will use a large, but larger breeds such as Thoroughbreds will need the XL.

Benefits of utilizing Wraps :

  • Chemical-Free
  • Machine Washable
  • Allows For Compression
  • Dissipates Heat
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Alleviates Pain
  • Secure - Stays In Place
  • Lightweight 
  • Works in Conjunction with  Liniment


Wraps are sold in pairs.  Always take caution when introducing new products.  If you plan to store in the freezer longer than the recommended time place wraps in an airtight bag.  If an area has been shaved for surgical procedures or for diagnosis, utilize some type of protective layer between the wrap and the skin. Always check with your veterinarian or your healthcare professional for recommended icing times.


When applying please make sure the application of the wraps is comfortable for the animal by utilizing a proper wrapping technique.


Cool Core Technology

Cool Core’s cooling material innovation has undergone years of lab and field testing and is the first US Company to receive the “Innovative Technology” award from the world-renowned Hohenstein Institute, and the ONLY company globally to receive it for “Cooling Power”. The Hohenstein institute is recognized globally, since 1946, for its market leading testing systems serving the textile industry. Coolcore was awarded the 2015 Best Innovation – Sports and Outdoor Apparel” for its patented line of cooling fabrics, from the ITMA Future Materials Awards.

Why DiO Cool Core Wraps?

Other brands use topical chemicals that not only can be harmful to your pets, but after only a few washes, the cooling properties of the product are no longer effective. The Coolcore cooling technology is built into the fabric’s fibers, preventing any decline in the performance and keeping it’s cooling properties for the life of the garment.

How Do They Work?

The chemical-free cooling fabrics utilize a unique combination of bers and cross-sections that deliver three distinct functions – wicking, moisture transportation and regulated evaporation – going far beyond traditional moisture management textiles.


  • Award-Winning Chemical-Free Cooling Technology
  • 100% Machine Washable
  • Up to 30% Cooler than Surface Temperature
  • Cooling Effect Lasts the Lifetime of the Product
  • Provides Wicking ~ Moves Sweat Away From the Body
  • Moisture Transportation ~ Accelerates Drying
  • Regulated Evaporation ~ Consistent Cooling Effect
  • Any Temperature of Water Will Start the Cooling Process

Draw It Out Icing and Cooling Leg Wraps powered by Coolcore