Redmond First Aid for Horses is an all natural, hydrated bentonite clay that promotes natural healing. It can be applied to sores, open wounds, skin irritations, burns, and bites. Redmond First Aid can also help draw out infection and prevent proud flesh. When applied, the clay seals the area, which helps keep flies and bacteria away from the affected area.


Success stories

“I have always used another product and last weekend my horse came in with a large horse bite on is neck so I set off using the product I have always used and after three days I was concerned about the way it was looking pussie and swollen. I decided to try the Redmond First Aid and the next day I could not believe the difference in the bite. It looked healed the swelling was gone and it was clearing up, just could not believe the difference in 24 hours. I have just found my new go to for wound care. Thanks!”
Sue Jackson


“I heard about this from a friend when my horse was injured last fall. I used this on him and really liked it. It stayed on and kept the flies off. Win/win. When it did come off, the injury was healed.”


“This product is fantastic!! For kicks, bites, and other skin abrasions it works wonders to draw the swelling out, then dry and heal the wound. Keeps flies out too. I really like that it is a natural product and won’t use anything else! I’ve loaned my tube to several other boarders at my barn and they love it too! Even better, the price is reasonable and one tube lasts a long time :)”
Monica A.

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