Made and Covered in the USA!


Four sizes of Crooked Stirrups® angled riding stirrups covered in high quality, natural rawhide and laced in traditional fashion. Covered with USA tanned leather and lace and assembled in Alabama, USA. These stirrups are custom made with an Aluminum stirrup skeleton, made especially for covering, that allows the stirrups to remain stable in size and shape, unlike any wooden covered stirrups.


RCL-S Recommended Boot Size 5 to 8. Weight/Pair: 2 ¾ lbs.

RCL-M Recommended Boot Size 7 to 10. Weight/Pair: 3 ¼ lbs.

RCL-L Recommended Boot Size 9 to 12. Weight/Pair: 3 ¾ lbs.

RCL-OS Recommended Boot Size 13+ & overshoes.Weight/Pair: 4 lbs.

Natural Rawhide Covered (Middle Laced)