Dual effectiveness: The most powerful and long lasting defense against flies.

Rambo® Flybuster Vamoose with No-Fly Zone™ (No fill)

  • Product Description

    The Rambo Fly Buster with Vamoose technology offers the most powerful and long lasting defence against flies. Made from unique, patented and durable fabric that is treated with our Vamoose technology this rug offers full UV protection and is designed to last many seasons. Features of this rug include supersized tail flap, extended belly flap, V-Front closure, improved hood shape.



    Treated with No-Fly Zone™ technology.



    Made from unique patented, durable fabric that is super soft, comfortable whilst offering UV protection. Built to last for many seasons.



    Supersized tail flap, leg arches, belly protection, V-front closure, shoulder and mane lining, three straight surcingles and removable neck cover.