What is it?

Rein Water is an all natural powder drink additive that encourages horses to drink more while providing them with natural electrolytes. The natural ingredients come from Redmond’s mineral deposits in Central Utah and are brought to you in their natural, unrefined state, full of beneficial minerals.



Unrefined salt, sodium calcium alumninosilicate


Directions for use

Mix 2 scoops (2 oz.) of Rein Water in a bucket with about 4 gallons of fresh water. Always provide a separate water source with fresh water.


Contents will settle to the bottom of the bucket. but your horse is still getting the benefits of the minerals that are absorbed in the water. Once finished, there will be some silt left over at the bottom of the bucket. Rinse it out and start over.


How much does one packet make?

Single-use sample packet. Just empty the contents into 4 gallons of water and mix it up.


Nature’s Essential Minerals

Rein Water provides a perfect blend of essential trace minerals and electrolytes your horse needs to live a more healthy, balanced life. It also encourages them to drink more water, which is an essential part of equine health.

Most horses are deficient in minerals. Today, even natural feeds lack nutrients. Rein Water plays an important role in providing the essential trace minerals missing from many natural forages.

Rein Water (20 sample pack)

  • Testimonials

    "My horses love Rein Water! They always have a choice of plain water or Rein Water, but they usually prefer the Rein Water. The salt and minerals encourage them to drink more and when I am traveling with my horses, they don't turn their noses up at the different tasting water, because they recognize the taste and smell of Rein Water. I believe it keeps my horses better hydrated and provides them the minerals they need to stay hydrated and healthy." -Julie Goodnight, internationally respected trainer and clinician


    "I started giving my horses a tub of the Rein Water along with their tub of fresh water. Over the course of a week I had the trail cam video placed to watch each time they went to drink. The video captured 423 times the two horses drank. 421 of those times they chose the Rein Water bucket over the other option." -Mike M.


    "I give Steele 4 gals with every feed. Once in the morning once at night. He prefers the Rein Water over his regular water. He drinks so much more. Not only has his bloating gone away, but his performance is more enhanced. He is no longer sluggish and he shows more interest in working. My daughters trainer even said he looks 100 percent better. He is back on the same feed as my other horses and has not shown any sign of colic." -Lisha


    "The most revealing moment to me was I have the 2 drinks next to each other. My big tap water barrel was full and the Rein Water mix was empty. I was filling it up and River stood by me waiting for me to fill it, and as soon as the Rein Water was mixed, she started drinking. The horses enjoy it." -Jo


    "I honestly believe these horses simply knew which they needed and went for that first. The horse that i suspected may have issues went for Rein water almost every time." -Andrea