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Uses for DiO Concentrate & GEL


Using DiO Concentrate as a Spray


DiO Concentrate is a great all over body spray.  To utilize DiO as a spray the first step is to mix to your desired strength.  Often we recommend a 50/50 mix to ensure cost-effective yet potent combination.  This is done quickly and easily by utilizing one of our DiO16oz Spray Bottles.  These feature mixing lines for both 70/30 & 50/50 ratios.  Once you have chosen you mixture just saturate the area with DiO and let dry.  This is best used on large areas such as backs and shoulders.  The spray can be used under pads boots and wraps without irritation.  DiO Concentrate as a spray can be used on legs though you will get some overspray.



Step 1

Mix DiOConcentrate in a DiO Spray Bottle.


Step 2

Give the bottle a good shake then spray liberally to the area.


Step 3

Let dry.  Repeat Steps 1 & 2 2-3 times daily or as often as needed.


Many DiO Users will use this method on off days as well to keep their horses fresh and ready to compete.


Things You'll Need

  • Your Horse.

  • DiO Concentrate & Water.

  • DiO Sprayer.



DiO Concentrate Pre-Event Usage


DiO Concentrate is the perfect solution to preventing soreness and injuries as well as helping them to heal. DiO Concentrate can be applied in a number of ways before an event to ensure your horse is fresh and performing at an optimal level. If you have a rope horse who is a bit sore in the shoulders, spray the horse down before the event. DiO helps the body to limber those muscles up during the event. As you progress your horse will be gaining steam while the competition is running low.If your horse has a tendency to get sore in the back spray them down with a 50/50 mixture of DiO BEFORE you saddle up. This will allow the soreness to dissipate during your warm up so by the time the competition is going strong your horse is limber and pain-free. You can also use our guide on Using DiO as a Wrap to tighten legs before an event. The best news if you choose to do this is there is no cleanup! You can literally leave the wraps on all the way up until the event. Depending on your competition you may even be able to leave them on DURING the competition! The same wrap procedure can be used to keep your horse's legs fresh during transportation. Headed to Canada for Texas or to California from Arkansas? You can wrap your horse when you pull out of the driveway and leave the wraps on the whole trip! Not only will this provide some support and protection but it will also keep soreness from building up. We recommend keeping them moist via spray bottle but some people saran wrap over the top of the wraps to keep the moisture in. Both methods have proved effective.  



Using DiO Concentrate as a Hoof Soak


 One of DiO Concentrate's many uses is it can be used as a hoof soak. First, mix your DiO to the desired ratio.  Soak the gauze thoroughly in the mixture until completely saturated.  Affix the gauze to the hoof with the vet wrap then use the barrier boot to keep everything in place.  Leave on for 30min-1hr and remove. This will help "draw out" all of the heat & soreness that are normally caused by abscesses.  Though most people will leave on for short intervals, it is possible to leave DiO on for longer periods of time.  This is especially true if the horse is penned or stalled. 


Things You'll Need

  • DiOConcentrate

  • Gauze Vet, Vet Wrap or Barrier Boot

  • 30min to 1hr of Time





DiO Concentrate as a Body Brace


Utilizing a body brace after a tough workout can really help a horse keep from stiffening up and becoming sore. Here is how we recommend utilizing DiO as a body brace.  Mix DiO & water to your desired ratio (we recommend 50/50 in a bucket and sponge your horse down completely. This will allow the mixture to permeate the hair and absorb into the muscles. Since there are no carriers or chemicals in DiO there is no "blistering factor" as found with other liniments. DiO can be utilized as a body brace as often as needed. We've also had people like Sabrina Ketcham of #TeamDiOrecommend using a bathing sprayer. To do this simply fill the reservoir with concentrated DiO and spray your horse down as you would when bathing. This method also provides a great cool down period for the horse. If you don't have a bathing sprayer that you attach to a hose and don't have time to sponge your horse just mix a spray bottle up and mist your horse's back shoulders and legs. This a quick and easy way to keep your horse refreshed! A secret of Heather Young, another member of #TeamDiO is to mix a few "shots" of spearmint Listerine into the mix to enhance the cooling effect during the hot Texas summers. If you are looking to bathe your horse as well as cool them off, feel free to mix in any of your favorite shampoos! DiO won't stain your horse or make their hair brittle.





How to use DiO GEL or Concentrate as a Wrap


Wrapping a horse’s leg is an important skill for horse owners to acquire. Legs are wrapped for various reasons: protection while riding, support while standing in a stall or trailer and covering an injury or wound. Most of the time poultices are used in conjunction with wraps. Poultices are generally of a clay base with or without medication affectionately referred to as "mud". They are effective but are extremely messy and can be very difficult to apply and to clean off the leg. DiO is an innovative approach to leg care. DiO was created with you and your horse in mind. Unlike liniments and poultices DiOoffers the horse relief from puffiness, swelling and pain in a colorless & odorless liquid formula that can be applied with a polo wrap or track bandage. All you need to do is mix DiO in your preferred concentration and soak your wraps in the solution. The wrap can be left on all day & night until the leg improves or you arrive at your destination. Since our formula contains no carriers or chemicals you can leave it on your horse for an extended amount of time without fear of "burning". DiO to be used to tighten legs and relieve pain after hard workouts. Knowing how to properly wrap a leg is essential to get all the benefits DiO has to offer. Always wrap a clean leg with a clean bandage. Wrapping should begin in the center of the cannon bone. Be sure to always wrap from front to back so that any tension from the wrap is on the bone and not the tendon. Usually, start the wrap off to the side of the bone and proceed around the leg downward. Overlap each wrap of the bandage 1/2 to 3/4 of the width of the bandage making sure to keep the bandage smooth with even tension on each wrap. Once you reach the fetlock either make an angular wrap around it which will leave a v shape on the front of the pastern or simply work the bandage back up the leg the just below the knee. Polo wraps can be secured with Velcro at the top and bottom of the wrap. To utilize DiO simply use polo wraps or track bandages saturated in the DiO mixture. Properly wrapped legs will give you superior results. Always save the unused solution so can be used again. Store your wraps in the unused solution for future application.






Using DiO GEL


When to Apply DiO GEL


  • After Tough Workouts

  • Before Training or Competition

  • When Hauling or Transporting


The GEL version of DiO is designed to be used quickly and easily without worrying about irritation.  DiO GEL can be applied without the need for rubber gloves, under pads, boots, and wraps and at all stages of your event.  This means that DiO GEL is safe and effective before, during and after you compete.  DiOGEL can be used in many of the same manners as the CONCENTRATE but is easier to apply.





In today's marketplace, we see all kinds of new products that can help your horse stay pain-free. Many people are using ceramic Products which are fantastic but can be a bit nerve-wracking to use in the summer (especially in Texas & Oklahoma). Other companies make unbelievably good wraps for horse and rider. These products work great on their own, but when they are coupled with DiO their ability to help your horse is magnified beyond measure. All you have to do is use your preferred DiO formula and apply liberally to the legs before putting your boots or preferred therapeutic products. The Cold/Heat that these products provide will help accentuate DiO's ability to reduce swelling and soreness. The best news is your boots won't stain or stink when you take them off after using them with DiO. DiO's all natural formula doesn't stain your horse or your boots and the absence of chemicals means using your boots or wraps with DiO won't be harsh on the materials.


**While Draw It Out won't affect the material in high quality therapeutic products it can oxidize magnetic and copper products.  Though this poses no danger to the horse it may result in diminished efficacy of lower quality products.  It is best to check with the manufacturer of the products to ensure that their materials are durable enough.  It is best to use Draw It Out and let it dry before applying magnets or copper or as a stand alone product.**




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